Tullamore Dew

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Tullamore Dew

Tullamore DEW, the famous blended Irish whiskey was original founded in Tullamore, Co. Offaly by Michael Molloy in 1829. When Molley passed away, the distillery ownership changed hands to the Daly family with Bernard Daly taking charge. His colleague Daniel E. Williams quickly worked through the ranks to become General Manager and ultimately owner in 1873.

It was Daniel E. Williams who proudly marked each bottle from the distillery with his initial (D.E.W) after he successfully transformed a good whisky to a great whiskey. Williams was quite the successful business man. Amongst other successes, self-made Williams brought electricity to Tullamore in 1893.

lso the distillery installed the town’s first telephones and motorised transport, paving the way for Tullamore’s infrastructure advancements.

Following the decline post World War 2, the whiskey industry took a big hit, but Desmond Williams, grandson of Daniel E. Williams used innovative marketing strategies to position the Tullamore DEW brand globally and he successfully turned the business around once more.

He also developed an Irish liquor made from blended whiskey, herbs and honey called Irish Mist, using a recipe that disappeared in the 17th century only to be rediscovered some 250 years later in a manuscript. Desmond also capitalized on the Irish coffee concept which is blended whiskey and coffee.

In 1953, Tullamore DEW was sold to the Irish Distillery Whiskey Company. Along with Tullamore DEW, the Irish Distillery also acquired Powers, Jameson, and Paddy’s Irish whiskey to name a few. As a result of the acquisition all production moved to a distillery in Middleton, Co. Cork. In 1994, C&C Group purchased the Tullamore DEW brand but sold it to Scottish company William Grant & sons in 2010 for a €300 Million Deal.

2014 was an iconic year for Tullamore DEW, after 60 years, the distillery was brought back to its original site in its hometown in Tullamore, Offaly. A new state-of-the-art whiskey distillery was developed on the original site where Tullamore DEW was first developed. William Grant & Sons had the vision to bring back the whiskey to its homestead which gave the famous whiskey its name!

According to Tullamore DEW, Irish Whisky is seeing a big resurgence in popularity where sales have doubled in recent times paving the way for bold expansion plans

The new refurbished visitor centre has opened its doors and attracts many whisky connoisseurs and tourists to the area. In the visitor centre you can sample a selection of Tullamore DEW’s finest portfolio of blended whiskeys.

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