The History of Glamping

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The History of Glamping

Glamping Evolution

For those who love the outdoors yet don’t want to compromise on home comforts came the concept of Glamping or Glamorous Camping. Commonly also referred to as boutique camping, luxurious camping, glorious camping or comfy camping.

You’ll get the best of both worlds, soaking up nature in the great outdoors while avoiding the inconvenience of carrying your camp gear around with you. And Glamping is accessible all year round so you don’t have to worry about a weekend camping trip getting cancelled because of the rain, which can happen all too often in Ireland!

Glamping is typically associated with canvas tents or yurts, however, the term has been extended to any semi-permanent structure and can include tepees, gypsy wagons, tree houses, log cabins, pull up campers to name a few.

The origin of glamping has been around for centuries although our ancestors used different terminology to define their semi permanent tent structures. Yurts or Gers, which are Mongolian influenced circular wooden frame tents can be traced back to the 1100s to the time of the Great Ghenghis Khan, the Mongolian tribal leader.

Surprisingly, the people of Mongolia still live in similar Ger tents today as they act as a great shield to heavy winds. Yurts today can be found in any good Glamping grounds.

Even in the 1900s, affluent westerners wanted to safari in Africa to see the Wildlife but not at the expense of comfort so a canvas safari tent was developed to cater for their desires. These too, still exist today in Africa.

Modern Glamping

In modern times, Glamping has definitely caught on as a trendy buzz word. Google Trends suggests that the buzz word was first coined in 2007 however, it didn’t start making news headlines until 2010 and only started getting really popular in 2013.

Interestingly, Ireland still tops the global list in terms of glamping popularity, shortly followed by the United Kingdom. This is not really surprising when you consider the beautiful scenic rural landscapes Ireland has to offer.

This rise in popularity of the glamping era supports the trend towards to a more authentic, natural, organic and healthier lifestyle. For this reason, Glamping Grounds have shot up in some of the most scenic and picturesque places in the world where there is plenty of outdoor activities for its guests to enjoy. In many cases, the Glamping Grounds will even have its own livestock as a natural food source which adds to the authentic experience.

Not only does Glamping provide a comfortable way to experience nature at its finest first hand, it also proves to be more affordable than staying at a hotel, b&b or guesthouse. However, many Glamping grounds offer a range of accommodation options to cater for everybody’s needs and budget.  With the abundance of facilities available, it’s also something that the whole family can enjoy cost efficiently.

Glamping Ireland

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