Downhill Mountain Biking at Bike Park Ireland

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Downhill Mountain Biking at Bike Park Ireland

Bike Park Ireland, an adrenaline junkie heaven is the Number 1 Mountain Biking Park in Ireland and a must see! And it’s not just for the thrill seekers as there is a trail for all experience levels.

Bike Park Ireland is located on Fairymount Farm, Ballingarry, Roscrea, Co Tipperary. Centrally located in the midlands of Ireland, it’s easily accessible to all the major cities.

The Bike Park has a cafe on site and offers accommodation in the form of camping facilities and award-winning 4-star self-catering houses, so it’s easy to make a weekend trip out of it! You don’t even have to worry about not owning your own bike, as you can rent one for the day too.

After you work up a sweat on the trails, you can avail of their uplift service in the form of a truck that will transport you and your bike up to the top of the mountain so you can descend once more! It’s the only bike park in Ireland that has the uplift service, and you’ll feel fortunate for the extra rest and more downhill mountain biking time!

Of course, if uphill cycling appeals to you and you want to burn up an extra sweat, you have the option to cycle the enduro climb to the top of the trails while taking in the break taking scenery!

Bike Park Ireland has been around since 2012 when the family run business dug out their first trail. Quickly they realised the bike parks international potential and sought development advice from the number one trail mountain biker in the UK, Rowan Sorrell. Rowan jumped on board and helped to build a top of the range bike park, arguably one of the best biking tracks in the country.

In May 2014 the expansion was finished and the trails were opened. The Bike Park has hosted several of the National Downhill Mountain Biking competitions so you could be cycling on the same terrains as the professionals!

Downhill Mountain biking has become a very popular sport in Ireland recently and many biking enthusiasts are flocking to the Bike Park to enhance their skills. The bike park is well thought out and has been developed by experts with routes for everyone.

Once you are able to ride there will be a trail suitable for you. But don’t let not being able to cycle deter you as there are lots of scenic walks on the farm to enjoy too! It’s a great day out to spend some quality time with your family and friends. There is a selection of 6 downhill bike tracks to choose from ranging from beginner, intermediate, advanced level and expert level, a professional route, a fast uplift service, a 2km enduro climb and the largest pump track in the country where you can improve your balance and biking skills.

The beginner routes are ideal for family outings and feature gentle slopes and meandering bends around trees. The Intermediate trails are becoming increasingly popular with many technical sections to enhance your skills. The advanced routes feature big berms and table tops but don’t be deterred if you can’t clear the table tops yet as you have the option to roll over them.

The expert tracks feature camber roots sections and drops, steep berms, rock gardens and a road gap if you dare to try it! Some of the trails are quite technical and there is even a purple professional route with obligatory jumps, gaps and drops so make sure you don’t get too ahead of yourself until you have built up the necessary skills! The bike park is very competitively priced too with pricing starting from €5. For more information about Bike Park Ireland, Click Here.

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